PHP Seeds

PHP Seeds is a simple content management system that enables any site to be edited live with nothing more than a browser.

PHPSeeds is an improved version of the now discontinued ContentSeed Content Management System.

Webmasters, Developers, and Site Designers:
PHPSeeds is the tool you've been looking for.
Whether you use FrontPage, Dreamweaver, GoLive, Expression Web from Microsoft, or even Notepad PHPSeeds will change the way you do business.

PHPSeeds works great with templates from places like Pixel Mill, Template Monster, Classy Themes, etc.  It works on any server and can easily be used with shopping carts, database applications, and plain old "static" HMTL websites.

Quit Working For Free!
If you're like me you don't charge for all those "little changes" your clients request. Sure, your clients think changing their fax number, hours of operation, etc. are just a few keystrokes but you and I both know it's a lot more.
You've got to find their local site, make your changes, publish to the server, check to see that nothing got broken, etc. Even the most simple change really takes 10 minutes. Freebies really add up over the months and years.
Besides not charging for this stuff it interrupts your workflow on paying jobs.  With PHPSeeds this situation is a thing of the past! 

Get Paid Faster!
Most Web Designers and Web Developers receipt a set percentage of the total job cost up front, then make the client's basic layout, template, functionality, and navigation, then wait, and wait, and wait for the content.
This step in the development process was always my least favorite.  It seemed with most clients, once you got approval on all but the content you could just about guarantee slow delivery of the materials, then when it finally came, it was weak, needed reformatting, or worse, they FAX it!
Now once I get approval on the general site, I drop a "seed" on each page, send the client a final bill and brief instructions on entering their content.  Bang!  Done deal. Use PHPSeeds to get paid faster and quit waiting for content (and final payment) 
Get Paid More!
I don't know whether it's because potential clients viewed me as higher skilled or instinctively knew ContentSeed would help them but when I started showing it during pitches my closing ratio went through the roof. When I first started showing prospective clients ContentSeed during a sales pitch I was floored at the result. My closing ratio went to nearly 100%! That was with a MUCH earlier and less impressive version of ContentSeed.

I don't know if the result was because the prospects saw me as more of an expert since I had the capability of ContentSeed in my proposal and NONE of the other developers did, or if it was because the prospects knew ContentSeed would be useful and helpful to them.  Either way I raised my prices and kept raising them until my closing ratio came back down to a comfortable 70%. Now I'm making almost twice the money with about 1/2 the work.
Use ContentSeed to blow your competition away, get more referrals, raise your closing ratio, raise your prices, lower your workload, increase your customer retention rate.  You can even sell it to existing clients to add new functionality to existing sites. 
If you're still reading, you're probably beginning to see the tremendous benefits to both you and your clients. 

I encourage you to look around the site, gain a better understanding of the full benefits of PHPSeeds, get blown away by the demos, contact me with your questions and comments, but above all; get yourself a copy of PHPSeeds before your competition does!

PHP Seeds PHP Seeds
This is the PHP version of what used to be ContentSeed.  This shopping cart is being tested currently...